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“REFLESHMINTS” Retail Display 18ct. – High Potency Mint Candy – HOT TICKET ITEM!


Fresh Breath For The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – Your Greatest Defense! (RETAIL DISPLAY 18ct.)

  • Incredible “IMPULSE BUY” Retail Display!
  • 18 High Potency Mint Tins!
  • FLAT-RATE Shipping of $4.95 Regardless Of Quantity!

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Ready yourself for the apocalypse with fresh breath and ward off possible attackers with extra brains! This zombie tin is filled with 1.3 ounces of brain-shaped mints.



  • The word “Zombie” comes from Haitian voodoo origins.
  • The staff of LiveScience conducted a survey of the best “Safe Zones” should a zombie outbreak occur and Australia was the safest country for Zombie attacks based off of global location, topography, weapon access, population, and “military preparedness.”
  • The CDC has a site devoted to preparing for a zombie apocalypse.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT>>

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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 2 in
Arcade Candy Tin



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