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DUFF BEER “The Simpsons” Energy Drink Six-Pack – SUPER GREAT KICKER…Doh!


Can’t get enough of that Wonderful Duff! 12 oz cans of tasty orange-flavored energy drink are packed in Six-Packs! (Pack includes 6 cans of DUFF)


  • Every Simpson family member’s middle name begins with “J”.
  • Lisa has celebrated her 8th birthday on TWO SEPARATE EPISODES!
  • The Simpsons have been awarded over 40 major television awards!

Note:  Contains NO ALCOHOL….Doh!

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Craig Workman Studio™ is proud to carry the crazy line of Simpsons collectibles, drinks, and candies. Who doesn’t love that Springfield family? They’ve been an American Icon since 1987 when they appeared as a short on the Tracy Ullman show. September of 2012 kicked off their 24th season on the air and so far, they’ve won 27 Primetime Emmy awards, had their faces on postage stamps, a ride at Universal Studios, and they even have their own star on the walk of fame.


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