Here’s A Little About Me

Succinctly put. I love building cool stuff.

And I am only interested in building cool stuff, because frankly…time is short…and I don’t want to waste mine on projects that don’t grab and keep my attention. Besides, projects that don’t grab and keep the attention of your customers…aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell anyway, right? Might as well call it like it is!

You see, typical creative theory suggests, that most of what we see today in terms of design…is plagiarized material from the past, regurgitated over and over again and made to “act like” new. But it’s not new….and that’s a problem for me. No, in my mind, really great creativity is so much more than knowing how to open up Photoshop or Illustrator…and layering killer graphics for print and web, or coding a rigid software framework that’s sole function is simply to, “get the job done”..(although having those skills is a minimum requirement!).

To me, it’s just more enjoyable to pursue innovation and fail, than to spend too much time playing the same old games, and get caught up in the mediocrity that prevails in our society today.

I have come to that place in my life, where my purpose and the reason for living, guides my every move. I’m 44 years old, been married for 18 years to my remarkably tolerant and sweet wife Janet, I have three amazing children whom I adore & love immensely, and a passionate growing faith in a true friend named Jesus.

Life is Good!


But What Do I Know About Business?

In the late nineties, I had the opportunity to start a medical equipment supply business. Over a period of four years, that business exploded, and became the 10th “Most Progressive & Highest Selling” DME firm in America, producing more than $5,000,000.00 in sales (the fastest ever for any company in that amount of time – HME News Magazine , 2004).

Shortly after that, myself and a couple friends started a “Certified Organic Grass-Fed” beef business, and started marketing our $60 per pound filet mignon to connoisseurs on the east and west coasts.

That was, until the only “USDA Certified Organic” processor in the Midwest (the people who packaged our product) destroyed $70,000 worth of our beef, then filed for bankruptcy.

It was at that time, a decision was made to exit the volatility of that market, and pursue other ventures. Not the least of which…became my alter-ego & AKA: SwitcHHat.  My creative works are now sold right here, on Craig Workman Creative Arts & Development Studio.

So here we are…..

My personal theory about business goes like this: Until you’ve run your own businesses, made big money, lost big money, succeeded, crashed, burned, and risked it all time after time, only to keep coming back for more….THEN YOU DON’T KNOW BUSINESS!! PERIOD!!

And if you don’t know business, then how can you effectively develop great products, design creatives that work, initiate strategic marketing best practices, handle constant I.T. issues, architect proprietary software, sell, service, and then survive in a cutthroat, moving-faster-than-thought, insanely regulated business environment that works overtime to see you NOT SUCCEED?

I’ve been through all of this more than once, and I keep coming back with better solutions, products, strategies, knowledge, excitement, and wisdom to make things happen.

I can help you!

Craig Workman | Artist/Developer/Designer/Thinker
The Craig Workman Creative Arts & Development Studio