Over two years ago, I wrote an Android app that I was sure that Lincoln businesses would simply die for!  It included all of the marketing juju a business could want, had more compelling deals and gamification elements that drove new customers to stores like mad, and controlled advertising costs to each business saving them thousands of dollars a year, while increasing their ROI significantly!  Sounds like winner winner chicken dinner, huh?

Only one problem:  Lincoln businesses were blind to its potential!  Many…..still are!

But the big cities get it!  And now my 5000 lines of dream code is going to make its debut in Philly, the city of Brotherly Love.  Don’t you just love how that works?

Maybe one day it will be worth my while to bring the platform back home, but until then, I’m going where the opportunities are.  Besides, I have to!  It took me 30 straight days, at 12-14 hours a day to write this bad boy, and I haven’t recouped a dime since!

But that’s the price you have to pay.  Stick it out, and somewhere, someone, will get your idea….and want to run with it!