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GeoTreasures Android Mobile App with HOTSPOT GPS Technology!

Over two years ago, I wrote an Android app that I was sure that Lincoln businesses would simply die for!  It included all of the marketing juju a business could want, had more compelling deals and gamification elements that drove new customers to stores like mad, and controlled advertising costs to each business saving them […]

Righteous Screen Printing From Craig Workman Studio™

Righteous New Screen Printing Services From Craig Workman Design™

I’ve been wanting to add a high end screen printing option to my site for years, and today it’s happening.  Now I can help my friends and righteous clients out with their apparel branding campaigns….while authoring total control over the design, quality, packaging, and delivery of first class products! But before I go any further, […]

Side-Loading Customized & Personal Android Apps – NEW HOT JUJU!

As a primary developer for Android (I build for Apple too), I have always been more excited by the open nature of the platform, and the ultimate flexibility that you have across the vast sea of devices. Not that I shun Apple for being a closed environment, but it’s literally a slap in the face […]

Welcome to the New Home of Craig Workman Studio!

For those that follow my work, yes, I still offer the same services I do at SwitcHHat, only I’ve added a few more tasty nuggets that you will only be able to find here! For example, my breadth of capability and development is so diverse, that I had really hard time messaging that at SwitcHHat […]