Products & Services For 2015

Craig Workman Studio’s products & services are strictly from the Top-Shelf, and comprise some of the most essential items in marketing today.  From my full line of commercial offset color printing, to my web development, mobile web, mobile applications, software development, custom apparel and graphic design…..I have my clientele more than covered.
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Prototyping & Innovations

Do you have a great idea for a new product(s), but are uncertain on how to get it prototyped and reduced to practice?  More to the point, are you concerned about who you share that idea with in the first place…fearful of sharing your IP?  Believe me, I can relate!

I have developed a number of time sensitive products/services/applications/source code/etc. over the years, and have always hoped to find someone like myself to help as a liaison throughout the process.  Somebody to trust wholeheartedly, and someone not out to steal and pilfer through an idea for personal gain.

While my Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is bulletproof, there are those that will argue that at the end of the day, NDA’s are nothing more than a limp piece of paper.  And while I would have to agree to some extent, I would strongly disagree on the basis that choosing the right company to begin with was considerably more important.

I know my way through the product idea stage, through the prototyping and reducing to practice stage, finding, sourcing, and establishing CAD designers and manufacturer/production facilities, and finally how to establish which legal protections may or may not be needed for a particular project.

Bottom line is, I’ve been through this before, and know exactly what needs to be done to bring your “great idea” to market in a timely and well thought out manner.


Websites & Development

Being online with a powerful website is an absolute “must-have” in today’s technical economy.  And getting noticed in cyberspace is getting harder as well.

In addition to the aforementioned, we’re now hearing a lot about these “build a quick website easy” claims popping up all over the web, and there is always some lame new web service reaching out for uneducated shoppers.  Unfortunately, many are buying into this nonsense…and winding up losing big down the road!

But if you want to do it right, and have a website that is optimized for both tablets and mobile phones, properly optimized for the web with flawless internal linking structures and modern day SEO strategies (that don’t put you in jeopardy of being black listed), clean, light, and fast functioning….then you need a professional that really knows what they are doing!

I am proficient in the latest CSS3, HTML5, J Query, Javascript, Webkit, AS3, Java, and all necessary marketing strategies for getting your site where it needs to be.  And as far as design goes….I am about as diverse as anyone in the business.

Most of my sites, along with design, optimization, customization, and personalization range anywhere from $750 to $15,000 or more.  Of course much of this depends on the complexity, e-commerce set up, marketing, and the amount of custom design involved.  But at the end of the day….I always pour myself 100% into each project, and the return that I give to my customers is far beyond the investment.


Mobile & Web Applications

With the proliferation of smartphones hitting the hands of about 3.5 Billion people worldwide, and the need for dynamic information and tools on the go….it’s no wonder why mobile applications are the single most exciting technology in more than three decades!

In fact, since the inception of ARPA-Net (the earliest known internet) more than 30 years ago, there has not been a more powerful “walking-around” technology on the planet…EVER!  Today’s mobile applications have become much more than the prestigious “vanity plate” item they started out as, and are now essential high-level technology for progressive businesses.

I have personally thought up, designed, programmed, and marketed over 20 applications that have installs/downloads in excess of 10′s of 1000′s of current users.  Many of these applications consist of more than 8000 lines of custom and proprietary code….each line painstakingly written and de-bugged by yours truly.

So I know my way around the mobile app game, and I possess the knowledge and experience for developing incredible user interface design, multiple-screen resolution structuring, device capability considerations and optimizations, as well as marketing to all of the most prolific application distribution hubs.

My full custom mobile application development, ranges from $1500 to $20,000 or more, depending on platform requirements (Android and/or iPhone/iPad/iPod), custom programming, database building, user interface/user experience design, etc..


Edgy Graphic Design

Edgy and relevant graphic design lies at the heart of ALL marketing efforts, always has.  But getting it right is a lot harder than simply opening Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, and cranking out design layers.  This is where the word “experience” plays a major role.

I know when less is more, and when more is more, and how to use them both for the benefit of my customers.  I am proficient and highly-skilled in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design software applications.  And I am not afraid to use them to their fullest!

Of course my design discipline applies to both, the online and offline worlds, with accelerated proficiencies in Mobile User-Interface design (UI/UX), full color business and large format printing, as well as web based graphical and animated designs.  My prices for business cards, postcards, door hangers, tri-folds, catalogs, banners, car wraps, web banners, and everything else are so competitive its almost unfair (I use my status as one of the top print brokers in the US to establish this advantage).

Contact me personally at:, or by mobile at 402-840-8409 to discuss rates and projects.  As a general rule and guide, my design rates typically range from $45 to $125 per hour, and from $45 to $500 or more flat rate on certain projects (a complete list will soon be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD).


Full color & large format printing

Having established myself as one of the Top Print Brokers in the country, I can deliver your full-color and large format printing at prices others cannot touch.  Especially when it comes to custom jobs, like my 24″ custom door hanger…with spots for 20 different businesses, and high-conversion scratch-off postcards that drive consumers into a frenzied buying and spending mob!

I can do this because I own the dies..number one, and two because I can buy from the press based on caching huge print number from my past printing business (I handled the mailing campaigns for Vonage, Verizon, and “certain” health clubs in the northwestern United States).  And when it comes to cardstock, I have some of the most premium varieties in existence today!  I’m talking about stock so exclusive, that even big name online printers like VistaPrint, UPrint, Overnight Prints, etc…can’t even get.  I can also serve your plastic card needs as well….with items like 30, 20, & 15mil credit card styles, to exotic 15mil clear & frosted varieties with metallic foil inlays.

From full-color business cards to scratch-offs, door hangers to 50 foot color banners, car wraps to animated web graphics and games, I can cover just about any conceivable need that your business has.  And the best part is, it’s very likely that I have products you’ve never even dreamed of yet!

My prices for simple business cards range from $75 per 1000, to $109 per 5000, postcards from $89 per 1000 to $129 per 5000, and pricing on more elaborate and exclusive products are just as competitive.  But here again, all of my stuff drives gains far beyond their costs!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The standard cardstock (CS2) used for all business cards and postcards, is Ultra-High Quality 14pt, with matte/aqueous/UV coating on one or both sides.  I also have 16pt (CS2) exotic stock, and it comes in matte or high-gloss.  Another feature available through SwitcHHat Press, is “Spot UV” coating on a logo, picture, or other area you wish to highlight!  This is super impressive….and my prices for this addition are the best in the industry!

BTW:  Sample packs of my products are available for FREE!  Click here to get yours!


Video Marketing Strategies & Products

Some of the best marketing strategies on the planet today, revolve around online video.  More specifically, video marketing on YouTube, where more than 4 billion hours of video are watched every month.

But getting noticed on YouTube is becoming more and more difficult as well.  So I designed a radical new product aimed at getting peoples attention.  It’s called, The Video Tuxedo™.

The Video Tuxedo™ creates a “virtual player”, inside YouTube’s existing player, and allows you to design a much more interactive and guiding experience for your users, as well as taking your marketing message to dizzying new heights…previously unseen in the business video sector.    To see the actual product in action, click here:  Video Tuxedo™ for SwitcHHat’s Business Card App

I currently have an existing “pre-designed” array of highly compelling templates, each of which are available for $129.  Brand New, Full Custom templates designed specifically for your company, are available for $499 each.  Some of my existing industry designs include:

  • E-Commerce and Online Retailers
  • Medical Professionals & DME providers
  • Chiropractors & Alternative Medicine Experts
  • Golf Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Bloggers & Online Authors
  • Car Dealers & Classic Car Restorers
  • And NEW & EXCITING DESIGNS coming all the time!

For more details regarding how these work, and how you can use The Video Tuxedo™ to increase your sales conversions through online video, then contact me here:  Learn The Video Tuxedo.